Light Sensitivity May Trigger Migraines. Axon Optics Eyewear Can Help.


If you experience discomfort in bright light or other lighting conditions (such as fluorescent lights), you may have photophobia or light sensitivity. In the human eye, the optic nerve has two main pathways; one transmits light, while the other transmits pain. In light-sensitive people, certain types of light activate a special class of cells in the optic nerve, causing a number of reactions, including headaches, excessive squinting, or tearing up. 

The only known way to reduce these signals is to filter out the light that activates these cells. Fortunately, Axon Optics has developed precision-tinted eyewear or  “migraine glasses” that blocks the light most likely to aggravate photophobia, while letting the other light in. You can wear Axon Optics lenses or contacts to work, shopping, and your other activities all day, every day. Best of all, they are clinically proven effective. Axon Optics products are available from our office. Please stop by or contact us to learn more.