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Electronic devices like cell phones, tablets and computers emit a great deal of light on the blue end of the light spectrum. It is this blue light that most affects our eyes.
When using our electronic devices we stare directly at excessive levels of blue light at very close range for extended periods of time.The resulting intense blue light exposure has the potential to cause retinal damage if the protective pigment layer is not dense enough.
Blue light has also been shown to disrupt sleep patterns by suppressing melatonin production and increasing the feeling of wakefulness. Sleep deprivation is linked to increased disease.
What can we do to protect ourselves? Consider eye glasses with protective lenses such as Blu-Protect and Blue-Tech. Stop computer use two hours before bedtime. Install f.lux on your computer to warm the color of the display in the evening. Have your macular pigment density tested and build it back up if it is too low.





How Do Electronics Devices Affect Your Eyes

How Do Electronic

Devices Affect

Your Eyes

electronic devices